Be Wrinkle Free, Be Beautiful!

Dysport has become one of the most popular cosmetic medical treatments across the world. A wrinkle treatment which is both versatile and highly accepted!

It is the all-new name in the wrinkle-busting unit. And it’s as efficacious as industry bigwigs like Botox. Just because it’s new to join the lot doesn’t mean it’s not a proven treatment. It’s here in the industry for last two decades and gaining a momentum gradually.

The Immortal Med Spa offers an array of Dysport Treatments. If you’re intending to combat the first sign of aging or want to rejuvenate or tone your skin, alleviating lines and features, we have the solution for all your worries.

Our treatment can remove the signs of fine lines, and wrinkles. The treatment can lift the brow and cheeks. Smoothening and tightening of the skin can also be achieved.

The wrinkles develop under the skin with the contractions when we smile, laugh or frown. Over the time, with the muscles contract and expand, our skin tends to show some patterned wrinkles. Dysport strives by encountering the effects of the muscles under the skin. It helps the skin against the creasing and leaves the patients with an even, smooth and luster skin.

Dysport is imitated to Botox and belonged to the same drug compound. But Dysport is counted to be more affordable per unit. Hence, it becomes the cost effective alternative. It can be really helpful to treat very small wrinkles or lines which require only a few doses of injections to treat.

It also shines out when it comes to the deeper and heavier wrinkles. It helps in lifting the skin while giving a smooth and finish look. It evens out the skin tone and texture. It is applied to treat hyperhidrosis as well. And since it offers the super quick results, it is a complete YES!

Dysport Medical Spa Services allow you to feel years younger and smart. It’s a complete bang for your bucks! Book Your Seat Now