Say goodbye to double chins forever!

It is connoted as the world’s foremost non-surgical alternative to treat the double chin which is the colloquial term for the fatty amasses between the neck and chin.

There are many people who suffer the double chin issue that proves to be really difficult to lose even after the dramatic weight loss. From the genetics to aging, there are a variety of reasons contribute to double chin formation. And it is highly annoying to get rid of it.

Immortal Med Spa Treatment offers significant before and after results without undergoing any surgical procedure.

Natural Component

Deoxycholic is a synthetic component which imitates the natural substance produced by the body to fight fat. In scientific world, it is called as keoxycholic acid and it duplicates the function of deoxyxholic acid. It targets and removes fat cells wherever it is injected and produces impactful solutions.

These injections have received great reviews from the individuals around the globe who’re eyeing to have a safe and secure alternative to the other heavy surgical procedure to remove an unwelcome double chin.

Post Treatment Recovery:- Recovering post treatment is both prompt and convenient. The patients are able to resume the normal day-to-day routine the same day after getting the procedure. Yes, prior to the treatment, a professional need to create a grid to ensure the right injection sites and proper distribution of the product. The actual treatment takes around half an hour. And it is both comfortable and painless treatment.

You can schedule a consultation ahead to decide Immortal Med Spa Treatment is the right one for you. If you’re struggling to remove that extra fat hanging under your chin and long for a sculpted look for your face, this treatment is at your help. It is safe, secure and easy in action.

Give us three months and three visits, we assure you to get rid of those infuriating double chins with Kybella Medical Spa Service. Call us 903-293-9254 today to book your sessions!